Green energy production

Innovative wastewater treatment system

New Organic Soil Improvers
Sustainable management of organic waste

in a particularly environmentally-friendly way

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The biogas plant

The biogas plant was entirely designed and constructed by SYCHEM Group
applying cutting-edge technology.
RECEIPT OF WASTE: Poultry farm manure Oil-mills and cheese dairy waste Slaughterhouse animal by-products Expired packaged food from super markets Food waste from restaurants and hotels Oils and Grease


Νέα Οργανικά Βελτιωτικά Εδάφους από τη ΒΙΟΕΝΕΡΓΕΙΑΚΗ ΚΡΗΤΗΣ Α.Ε.


Olive trees


Bio Energy Crete

is part of the SYCHEM Group of Companies
owns a Biogas Plant for Electricity Production applying cutting-edge technology at the most critical points of production process

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