BIOENERGY CRETE S.A. is part of the SYCHEM Group of Companies

TBC owns a Biogas Plant for Electricity Production with installed capacity 500 Kw upgradable to 2 MW that is located in a total area of 15 acres at the Industrial Area of Heraklion, Crete.


The biogas plant was entirely designed and constructed by SYCHEM Group, applying cutting-edge technology at the most critical points of production process such as the collection and management of the incoming organic waste, the deodorization system, the reuse of produced heat energy and the innovative system for the biological treatment of the digestate effluent.


The Plant aims to become a European pattern for the management and utilization of organic waste from slaughter houses, livestock and poultry factories, expired food etc. With an automatic process for collection and separation/ unpacking, odorless, the utilization of the total produced heat energy but also with the innovative wastewater treatment system, biogas plant is able to offer a pioneer, reliable, environmental friendly and cost efficient solution of managing difficult to treat organic wastes, integrated in an urban environment.




  • Sustainable management of organic waste in a particularly environmentally-friendly way
  • Green energy production
  • Use of the produced heat energy at its full potential
  • Innovative wastewater treatment system


  • Electricity
  • Heat energy (private consumption & district heating)
  • Solid residue (excellent fertilizer)


  • Deodorization system
    • Fully sealed building under continuous pressure depression in order to prevent odor escape into the environment
    • Innovative biofilter for odour neutralisation
  • Receipt, control and management of incoming waste
    • Automated process of management and separation of the organic fraction from the packaging material
  • Biological treatment process of digestate effluent
    • Membrane technologies and bio-enhancement combination
    • High efficiency with low running costs
    • Final discharge of a high irrigation quality water